Martin John

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Martin John was born in Birmingham, England in 1970…something. At the age of 10, he moved to South Africa. There, he developed a love for campfire tales of ghosts and goblins but absolutely no love of camping.

He spent most of his childhood and teens with his head buried in books written by the masters of horror: Stephen King, Dean Koontz and James Herbert. Although some children would have been mentally scarred by reading these books at such an early age, Martin’s therapist assured him he was messed up long before then. He recently walked away from the rat-race to write full-time. Hope’s End is his first novel, which combines his love of horror, action, and quirky sense of humor.

Martin lives in the countryside with his family and many animals. When he is not writing, he loves cooking and will shamelessly brag about how amazing his Italian dishes are.


Story of Martin John

'Martin John is quite literally the most talented writer that has ever existed' Do you know who said that? You don't? Well we don't either. But it could have been said. 

Like his idol, Elon Musk, people also believe Martin is a 3000 year old vampire. However, he has assured us that if he were he would have accrued more wealth by now. 

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“It's a real word, you can look it up”

Martin John

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Martin John

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